Meet the Gnosis Pay Card.

The world's first self-custodial Visa® Debit Card, linked to a Safe Smart Account. Spend your crypto like you spend cash with 80 million merchants worldwide.
€30.23. Zero fees.

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Pay what you see. Zero fees.

Pay directly from your blockchain address. Anywhere. No transaction fees, no gas fees, no foreign exchange fees, no off ramping fees.*

*Powered by Monerium

Your ENS name. Now on your card.

Customize your card with an ENS name and bring your Web3 identity to life.

Your keys, your assets.

Your assets are stored in a Safe wallet, that you OWN. We never touch the assets at any point. The highest security standards in the industry.


For our early adopters. Holders of the OG NFT are given early access to new features, IRL experiences and perks with our partners.
Minting is closed for now. Follow us on X where we will announce exclusive releases in the future.

Our partners

Coming soon

IBAN Integration
Transfer Euros to and from your account to any bank or wallet.
Apple Pay & Google Pay
Accessible via Curve today. Coming natively very soon.
Rewards & Partnerships
New partnerships & perks for OG NFT holders as well as a rewards program for all cardholders.
New Countries
Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia.


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The Gnosis Pay Debit Card issued by Monavate Limited pursuant to licence by VISA Europe Limited. Monavate Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FRN: 901097).