Gnosis Pay Network

Welcome to the Gnosis Pay Network, the world’s first Decentralized Payment Network (DPN). Removing the barriers between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi), the Gnosis Pay Network is designed to cater to wallets, organizations, and others seeking innovative features to enhance their payment ecosystems.

Unlock New Possibilities.

Discover the benefits of integrating the Gnosis Pay Network into your payment ecosystem.

Leverage existing infrastructure

Retain your existing infrastructure and users’ habits while providing enhanced financial services.

Streamline fiat-crypto transactions

Seamlessly process fiat transactions by withdrawing funds from crypto accounts, enabling smooth integration between traditional and digital economies.

Introduce new monetization rails

Build monetization pathways for web3 projects, unlocking revenue streams and fostering innovation in the decentralized ecosystem.

Empower self-custodial infra

Empower banks and payment providers with self-custodial infrastructure, reducing the costs associated with traditional banking systems.

Decentralized & Secure Payments

  • Operates as a layer 2 (L2) on top of Gnosis Chain for enhanced network security, gasless transactions, and near-instant payments.
  • Provides hassle-free p2p L2 transactions without KYC.
  • Embraces account abstraction with Safe contracts for added trust.

Open Network & Compliant Integrations

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party wallets and traditional payment schemes.
  • Embraces a compliant environment that allows funds in both web3 and fiat worlds.
  • Connects effortlessly with Visa® processors and integrates into SEPA for expanded payment options.

Seamless Transfers & Native Bridging

  • Offers smooth and cost-effective transfers between Gnosis Pay and different blockchains (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon).
  • Includes native integrations for stablecoins like EURe and DAI.
  • Utilizes efficient liquidity bridges, including a native token bridge, for easy transfers.

Technical Roadmap

Explore Gnosis Pay's upcoming features, products, and integrations


  • Gnosis Card launch
  • Gnosis Pay Network launch
  • Gnosis Pay web app
  • Native integration of EURe


  • Gnosis Pay Visa debit card
  • Gnosis Wallet mobile app
  • Third-party wallet integration
  • Native stablecoin integration (USDC/USDT/DAI)
  • Expansion to US market


  • Additional third-party wallet integrations
  • POS terminal integration

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